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Website established 10th February 2002

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th December


Half way through another year, and we've all attended many excellent events. I must congratule Robin (more likely his wife) for organising a wonderful road run around the Vale of Glamorgan which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Well Done!
More photos  have finally been added to the site after encouragement from a certain member, and no, it wasn't nagging. or so he claims. See the pictures page for our vehicles at Margam Park. Hopefully I'll get around to adding more photos of events soon.


Another year of shows completed, though I attended less of them than in past years. Those I did go to were good with lots of vehicles and members of the public turning up. As well as the classic car shows we also attended other events such as Hut 9, the preserved p.o.w. hut at Bridgend.
We held our AGM in October, and the current officials were all re-elected.
Overall it's been a good year, and we look forward to the 2016 shows and events.

We have new moved our meeting to a new venue - Taibach Rugby Club, just a short distance from old venue.

We've had a good year with the shows, and the weather has been very kind to us right up until our final show in September. Those of us who travelled to Normandy enjoyed our time there, it was the busiest we'd ever seen it with more people there for the events than ever before.
Some of us have attended various shows throughout the year with local events at Abergavenny, Cothi Bridge, Carew, Margam Park, Barry, Tredegar House, and Pembrey. I didn't attend them all but those who did have reported that they were all enjoyable and fairly well attended.
I must make a special mention of Justin, for prompting me to update the website as I keep forgetting. He also won best military vehicle at our last event at Pembrey park which was a great show which has really expanded!


Barry Wartime Weekend - Held at Barry Island railway station we had quite a few jeeps turn up for this enjoyable show. The station now contains a wartime museum run by local volunteers, and they've done a good job of it! As well as the jeeps, and people in wartime uniforms there was also a replica spitfire, though I don't know how they managed to get it on display on the station platform - where our area secretary couldn't find it!!!

Vintage Show, Coastal Park, Llanelli - A nice show, though smaller than in previous years though its the first time it's been held at this location. A few of us were there for both days, and enjoyed looking around the area as well as looking around the show.

Carew Cheriton Airfield Control Tower - We had a great weekend here at their open day, I was impressed by the amount of work the volunteers have done restoring the control tower. Since our last visit many years ago when they first opened the tower a lot of work has been done, they now have a museum there, and they are hoping to develop the site further with hangers and a workshop. We were well looked after, provided with free food and drinks.

St. Athan - a few vehicles attended the 75th anniversary of St. Athan's airfield, probably would have got more vehicles there, but as it was a midweek some couldn't make it. We were well looked after, even had free icecream as out sec keeps telling everyone.

Classic & Vintage Show, Llanelli - A small show which a few of us attended, nice weather too!

Armed Forces Day, Cardiff - Most of us managed to attend this event held in Coopers Field, next to Cardiff castle. The weather cooperated and we had a nice day there. Both our area and the east wales area were here for this annual event.

Penarth Armed Forces Day - A number of us attended this small event, and we joined a small parade (those of us not in a pub watching the Lions play Australia).

Vintage Fair, Porthcawl - A nice sunny day, a few of out members attended this small show. Quite a cool wind as we are on the seafront there, but we all enjoyed the day.

Pencoed Show - Plenty of vehicles turned up, but unfortunately shortly after we arrived it started raining and didn't stop! We stayed until after lunch, then packed up the club gazebo which we'd all been sheltering in and made our way home.

A new year has begun and already entries for shows have begun arriving, lets hope the weather is more co-operative this year and all the shows are successful.
I'm finally getting used to the latest version of Dreamweaver software so maybe I can now update the webpages more often!


Area Christmas Dinner - Most of our members were here for our christmas dinner, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food and had a great time. Many thanks to our secretary for organising the dinner again this year.

Pembrey Country Park -Great time here as always, made very welcome by the organisers as always. We went for a road run on the Saturday to Kidwelly, arriving back at Pembrey village to join the miniature steam engines that had made the run from the park. On the Sunday our vehicles were on display and attracted a lot of interest from the public.

Tredegar House, Newport - As always a good show, military vehicle area moved slightly from previos years, and the weather was ok a which makes a change from most shows this year

WW2 Summer, Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo - Once we'd sorted out where we were camping  in the park, we had a great time here. We had vehicles parked just outside the door to the house, and re-enactors camped the other side of the drive. It was very hot on the saturday, I didn't envy the people in uniform on that day!
Most of the house was used to display what it would have been like during WW2 as a hospital. Dinefwr Park is a big place, very well looked after by the National Trust and well worth a visit. Most of us at some time during the weekend visited the castle at the top of a steep hill... though after I'd walked up there and discovered it was possible to drive right up to it, it got more visits!
Most of us really enjoyed this event and I'm sure would return next year if they hold it again.

Glos Steam & Vintage, South Cerney Airfield - A very big show with lots to do and see. A lot of military vehicles here, most of them trucks which unusually outnumbered the smaller vehicles. Weather was ok with just the occasional heavy shower. Best show I've been to this year!

Classic Car and Vintage Show, Llanelli - A few military vehicles turned up to a nice show with plenty of exhibits. Weather could have been warmer but it was dry!

Armed Forces Day, Cardiff - We had a great day supporting this event at coopers field in the center of Cardiff. Dry, warm and sunny all day! A good turnout with vehicles from the south Wales and south east Wales areas here. There were various displays in the arena all day and a flypast by a dakota too. I must mention Justin for his hard work lifting children onto his ferret in exchange for a donation towards the Help for Heroes fund, judging by the queues he must have made a lot of money towards this worthwhile cause.
At the end of the show, most of us travelled a short distance to a pub for a get together before travelling our seperate ways home.

Barry Festival of Transport - A good show, with a large number of vehicles, some even travelling long distances to attend helped by the payment of fuel costs by the organisers. It was a bit cold on the first day but the second day was much better with a rarity this summer - sunshine! Trips on the train between the two stations were free for exhibitors so we took advantage of it to visit the displays and stalls on the other station in Barry.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor -  A nice two day show, with a lot of re-enactors in attendance. The weather could have been better but still had a lot of public at this event. The recreation of the manor as a french chateau  occupied by germans was particularly good. We had a number of jeeps and a motorbike at the show, though problems were had starting the motorbike - see pictures page.

Historic Vehicles MOT - The government has announced that all pre 1960 manufactured vehicles will be exempt from the MOT test. This change will come into force by 18 November 2012. (Read official statement)

Pencoed - A big show with a lot of vehicles, its grown a lot. We were lucky with the weather, following a week of rain we had a dry and sunny weekend! An excellent turnout of military vehicles, including a few that we haven't seen at shows in this area before. Best Military Vehicle was won by Paul Price with his Willys jeep.



Pembrey Country Park - An enjoyable weekend, with some of us camping i the park from Thursday to Sunday. We had a roadrun on the Saturday, but shortly after we set off the rain started so that when we stopped at a viewpoint on Pembrey mountain all we could see was mist! We then proceeded to Kidwelly where we stopped in a nice cafe for refreshments. As we'd parked in different places near the cafe the people of Kidwelly must have wondered what was going on as when leaving there were jeeps going in all directions!
Sunday was a much better day with sunshine! This is the main day for the show, with classic cars attending and plenty of public there too. We all enjoyed the show and will definitely be back next year.

Tredegar House, Newport - As usual a very good show, but as with almost all shows this year the weather could have been better. A good turnout of military vehicles though less large vehicles, maybe due to the cost of fuel. A few of our members stayed the weekend, travelling on the Saturday to the forest of dean for a road run.

Classic car show, Aberdare park - Despite the weather a good turnout of classic cars, and two jeeps which were the possibly the oldest vehicles there. Disappointing that there were no stalls but that was probably due to the weather - we had a heavy showers throughout the day. It was the first year the show has been held on here, previously at Tonyrefail.

Orllwyn Teifi Vintage Show - A nice show, but would have been a lot better with good weather! The rain and cold wind spoiled it a bit, and as with most shows this year seems to be getting smaller, possibly due to fuel costs to get to the shows. A few of us turned up in jeeps, and Paul succeeded where most people failed - managed to balance jeep perfectly on ramps in the ring (see pictures page).

Gnoll Park, Neath - As usual a good show, lots of vehicles and the weather was ok too! A good day out.

Gower Agricultural Show - Not many vehicles at this show, as it is an agricultural show, a few tractors, landrovers, stationary engines and a couple of jeeps comprised the vintage section. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good with heavy showers most of the morning - and we now know the club gazebo is not waterproof! - though the sun did make an appearance for the afternoon.
This event had the honour of being the first to have Justin's recently acquired 1942 Ford GPW as an exhibit! Driving around the main ring I was surprised to hear the commentator describe the driver (no names) of the jeep in front of me as handsome - the jeep possibly, but the driver???

Classic & Vintage Show, Llanelli - A couple of us got together for a road run to the show on a hot sunny day. Very nice show, with plenty of exhibits. We enjoyed a free open top bus ride around the town from the show which was something different.

Armed Forces Day, Cardiff - We had a good turnout of vehicles for this event even though the weather wasn't good. Seven vehicles from the South Wales Area and five from South East Wales area. Everyone seemed to have a good time, though it was a long day as we had to be on-site early and couldn't leave until 6pm. On the way home that evening the convoy of vehicles heading west stopped at a pub for a drink which we all needed, also nice to be in the warm, I'm still waiting for summer to start. Thanks to Ernie our secretary for working so hard with show organisers, and also to Peter Young for once again arranging the use of University car park for us so we could all arrive at the show together.

Transport Festival of Wales - A nice show held in the park and ride opposite the liberty stadium. As another event was on at the same time only 2 military vehicles attended, one jeep and a harley motorbike.

Swansea Airport, RAF Fairwood 70th anniversary - We took 3 jeeps to this very interesting event. We were made very welcome and were shown a DVD that had been produced chronicling the history of the airfield. A surprising number of RAF squadrons were at various times at the airfield during WWII.

Barry Festival of Transport - I didn't take a vehicle and due to the heavy rain all day hardly anyone else did either! Quite a few buses were there but only about 10 cars

Abergavenny Steam Rally - As always a good show, and they were lucky with the weather there, although on the Sunday when I went it rained most of the way there and back but at the show it was dry!

Pencoed Classic Car Show - A good turnout of vehicles as usual for this show, and apart from a couple of showers good weather too. The best military vehicle award was won by Justin Legg with his ferret, and he also won 2 other awards, best past winner and ummm I can't remember the other one but I'm sure he'll remind me!

Fortress Wales, Margam Park - a good show, with re-enactment groups from all era's putting on displays. Not quite as many military vehicles as last year, but that was probably due to fuel costs and the weather which although dry and sunny was very windy.


Border Counties Show, Monmouth - A nice show just across the river from the center of Monmouth. Reasonable turnout of vehicles, weather could have been better though it was mostly dry.

Fortress Wales, Margam Park - Excellent show, best they've held so far with good weather and a huge amount of public attending.

Classic Car Show, Pencoed - As usual a good show at this event.

Abergavenny Steam Rally - Always a good show, with more heavy vehicles than we see at most shows. On day I attended we had very good weather which always helps!

Barry Festival of Transport - a small show, which had more military vehicles than previous years. Free admittance for the public helps to make this a good attraction for people in the area. Lots of buses too, giving free rides around Barry which were very popular.

Tredegar House, Newport - very well attended as usual, this is one of the most popular shows of the year in the area. We had good weather this year, and a nice display of military vehicles.

Forces Day, Cardiff - Hottest day of the year for this huge show! All military vehicles that enters turned up, makes a nice change to get 100% attendance. We probably had the best spot where we were located next to the docks as we had a light breeze which was needed. Our group had a guided tour of the frigate by one of the navy officers during a time it was closed to rest of the public. I was surprised to learn that our entire navy consists of just 32 ships. Everyone who attended enjoyed this event, and on the way home that evening the convoy of vehicles heading west stopped at a pub for a drink which we all needed. Thanks to Ernie our secretary for working so hard with show organisers, and also to Peter Young for arranging the use of University car park for us all to meet in to arrive in convoy at the show.


Area Report
At time of writing our season of attending events and shows has come to an end, so this report covers the years’ activities by the “regular” members of our area.

The season started by several of us “dusting down” our vehicles to take to Margam Park for a photo-shoot to advertise the forthcoming event “Fortress Wales” which was to be held at the Park over the early May bank holiday weekend.
Our next outing was to the above event where several of our members camped at the park for the duration of the show.  The weather turned very cold and miserable on the Monday, this is when our club gazebo came to very good use.
Karl Boston transported his VT55 recovery tank to the show (at great personal cost) which was of great interest to the visiting public.  Unfortunately Karl was not allowed to drive his tank around the park which was disappointing for him.

The following weekend, 10th May, saw a good turn-out of vehicles at the car show at Pencoed College, the weather was fine and we all enjoyed the day, our new area banner, provided by the MVT, had its first airing at the show.

There was a gap in activities as we awaited the “big one” – the Normandy Tour.Several of our members went on the tour, some on the official camp site some at privately arranged accommodation, but we all got together for visits to the many places of interest.One of our party had a mishap right at the end of the tour, Paul Price had a problem with his camper van which wouldn’t start, and by the time he had fixed it he had missed his scheduled ferry crossing. On the positive side Pauls jeep literally kept the Welsh flag flying, as shown on the back cover and inside report of Windscreen issue 124.
Terry Peters and I did not return home after the tour week, but continued with our annual holidays touring through France and down to northern Spain, where to our dismay we had foul weather and therefore returned into France.

We had a good turnout of vehicles at the Forces Day held in the grounds behind Cardiff Castle on 27th June. We had a great reception from the public during the parade through the city with our vehicles. The day turned out to be hot and sunny with everyone enjoying the event.
A few of us attended the Bromyard Gala on 4/5th July meeting old acquaintances from other areas. The show was a bit disappointing with the lack of stalls which we all like to browse. The following week we all returned to North Nibley for a new Olden Days Transport Show, which again saw a good turnout of military vehicles.

The Welland Steam Rally at the end of July is always a favourite being one of the biggest events. This year we did not have the mud bath but were lucky to have fine weather again.Our next show was the Gloucestershire Steam & Vintage show at Kemble airfield, end of July beginning of August, which is another big show with a huge variety of motor vehicles and many stalls to suit everyone.
A couple of us went straight from the Kemble show to the Evesham Vintage Steam Rally – a first time for us. The showground was rather wet when we arrived but dried out after a while. This was quite a good event which was added to with the local MVT areas’ “Barracks” being a great attraction.

At the end of August it was back to Kemble for the MVT National Rally, the Severnside Area put in a lot of time and effort arranging this event. It was a little disappointing that many members did not turn up at the show as this should have been the MVT bumper show.
On September 13th several of us attended a more local show at Tonyrefail – the annual Transport Festival, a small show but well worth supporting.

The following weekend many of us attended the biggest event held in South Wales – the Vintage Rally held at Tredegar House grounds; again several of us camped at the showground along with some members of the South East Wales area. The number of military vehicles was down on previous years, but still enough to interest the visiting public.

Our last show of the season was at the end of September, the Miniature Rail and Road Rally, at Pembrey Country Park, West Wales. This was again a first for us but we had a good display of members’ vehicles. We were made very welcome by the organisers who arranged camping for us for the weekend. Pembrey Country Park is a very attractive area with the seven mile long beach, sand dunes and the permanent miniature railway, a ski slope, restaurant and a camp site for participants. The site was a World War 2 ammunitions factory which still has the covered bunkers connected with a network of roadways which we were able to use with our vehicles. The organisers were very pleased with our turnout and invited us back next year requesting more vehicles.

Regarding our local club scene – at our meeting at the beginning of the year our chairman Terry Peters proposed that we meet in the future at 8-30pm to give members who may be working more time to attend, this was approved by the meeting and confirmed at the following meeting.
The June meeting was poorly attended as members had just returned from France and were “recovering”, the chairman and secretary still in France.
It is with great regret that I have to report the death of Dave Barnes’ wife Bette, who passed away in April. Our sympathies go out to Dave and his daughter Emma.

Ernie Williams


Area Report
In my last report stated that I hoped for better weather for the forthcoming season - my hopes have already been dashed as we have had wash-outs at several events so far this season.
Events attended by our area members:-
The Fortress Wales show at Margam Park went well considering it was held in the early part of the events calendar - 3rd to 5th May, the weather being quite cool and changeable, we had a reasonable turnout of military vehicles but could have been better. It was nice to see several South East Wales members supporting us at Margam. There was a 'Tiger' Tank on display and taking part in the mock battle with the South Wales Borderers group.
The following week, 11th May, we again had a reasonable turnout at the South Wales Classic Car Club show at Pencoed college, with very pleasant weather. Peter Young took the prize for best military vehicle (he's the one with all the guns).
Several of us attended the Abergavenny Steam Rally over the bank holiday weekend, this is normally a good show to see but this year it was a real washout with the event finished by lunchtime on Monday.
We had excellent weather on June 8th for the Barry Festival of Transport show, this is a small show but well worth supporting. I had organised a road run through the very pleasant Vale of Glamorgan ending at the Barry show, the turnout was poor with the same regulars taking part.
The Veterans Day event at Cardiff Castle was excellent with a good turnout of military vehicles from both South Wales areas, the weather superb. We were on display in the castle grounds with a huge public attendance. We took part in the veterans parade through the streets of the capital city with crowds lining the route, a very enjoyable experience.
The Transport Festival of Wales at Swansea was a bit disappointing as the show was mainly modern transport trucks and the cars on display quite modern. The military vehicle section was poorly supported but it was nice to see Barrie Jones back on the scene with his jeep.
Next another show spoiled by the weather, the Lister Tyndale Rally at Berkeley Castle, again a few of us from our area attended - keeping the Welsh flag flying.
The "big" MVT Show at Kemble again turned out to be a rough weekend weather wise. We had a reasonable turnout from the South Wales areas, where members joined together to convoy to the event. It was nice to meet up with old friends from around the country and enjoy vehicles not normally seen in our area. I must congratulate the Severnside members for the effort put in organising such a big event.
The Bromyard Gala weekend was another washout with foul weather spoiling an event that is normally well supported. The military vehicle display was a bit thin on the ground this year - perhaps members heeded the weather forecast, which was bang-on.
The above events attended by our members is up to date at the time of writing, let's hope for better weather  for future events this summer, or we are going to have a repeat of last year!
On the local scene we have had our area AGM, "surprise surprise" the same officers were re-elected. We could do with some young blood to take over the helm from us "elderly" officers. We do have two "youngsters" in Phil Rice (Treasurer) and Gareth Williams (Webmaster), so there are hopes for the future running of the area as Terry and I "fade away".
Ernie Williams


Eric Raymond Thomas
23 April 1937 – 1st February 2007

It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of Eric Thomas who passed away after a short illness at his home in Bridgend on 1st February.
Our sympathy goes to Eric’s sons Vaughan and Rhys and the rest of his family.
His funeral was well attended by many of his friends in the MVT, unfortunately several members were unable to attend due to the heavy snow fall that morning.
Eric was a long standing and respected member of the MVCG/MVT, and until the past year was a regular at our monthly meetings.
Eric was also well known by members outside our area, whom he met at the shows throughout the summer season.
Eric will be sadly missed by members of the South Wales Area for the quietly spoken gentleman he was.


Area Report
On my New year resolutions list is "Write area reports for Windscreen". So to show other areas that we are still "alive and kicking", I decided to make the first issue of Windscreen in 2007.
Our regular faithfuls are keeping the meetings going and we were glad to welcome a new face into our midst when Gordon Ratcliffe joined us at our October meeting and at our annual Christmas Dinner.
We have another member to hopefully swell our ranks in Sam Fletcher, I recently verified Sam's Jeep, which he imported from Norway, it is in quite good condition.
Regarding the Christmas Dinner, it was once again a success with the members enjoying the value for money meal and cabaret, though the comedian was a bit risqué.
Last year many of us attended a variety of events around the country, with the MVT show at Kemble being the best attended ever by South Wales members and was thoroughly enjoyed.
An important event in our area was the "Veterans Day" at Cardiff Bay. The organisers were delighted to see our vehicles on display and requested us to attend in future years, as apparently "Veterans Day" is going to be celebrated throughout the country from now on.
This years event at Cardiff Bay will be held on Saturday 16 June. We would like as many as possible to take their vehicles to this event, (there is a weight limit at the Bay, contact me for details). Last year travelling expenses and camping fees were paid to South Wales members, I hope to negotiate the same this year.
A new event, local to many of us, will be held in Margam Park (J38 M4) on May 5-6-7th. this event is being organised by The South Wales Borderers Re-enactment Society and the Confederate Union Re-enactment Society and have invited MVT members to attend. There is camping at Margam Park from 3rd to 8th May.
The winter period has been a bit uneventful as usual, with the exception of an off-road run at the beginning of winter, which took us up into the very steep mountains above Resolven in the Neath valley.
We joined forces with the Neath Tractor and Commercial Club and followed a very rough track which took us up to the wind farm on top of the mountain overlooking the Afan valley. when I stated the track was rough I do not exaggerate, the jeeps were tested fully in four wheel drive, not recommended for the faint hearted.
At our Area AGM in May 2006 the following were elected/re-elected to office:-
Chairman - Terry Peters. Secretary - Ernie Williams, Treasurer - Phil Rice. Website Co-coordinator  - Gareth Williams.
Our Chairman thanked the out going Treasurer, Dave Kingdom, for his work over many years, and welcomed our new Treasurer Phil Rice.
Regarding our Website, it is there for members use, as well as passing on Area information, anything you wish to display on the Website contact Gareth who will oblige.
Now that spring is approaching we look forward to another good year out with our vehicles and attending as many events a possible.
Ernie Williams



Normandy Tour - All the South Wales members who went on the tour had a great time. Most attended the show at Horndean, near Portsmouth on the last weekend of May before catching the ferry to France on 1st June. The ferry was packed with military vehicles, and on disembarking at Ouistreham we formed a huge convoy to our campsites, with a police escort. Most of the South Wales area members were camped at Etreham, with some at Port-en-Bessin and a few at Arromanches.
   During the next few days we formed convoys to visit the British and American areas of invasion, visiting Pegasus Bridge and all the landing beaches. When driving onto Gold Beach at Asnelles one of the trucks got stuck in soft sand much to the amusement of those watching, and we were treated to an interesting recovery display.
   As well as joining the MVT road runs we also expored the area ourselves visiting the German batteries at Azeville,
Crisbecq-St Marcouf and Longues-s-mer. We also went for a drive to Ste-Mčre-Eglise, and visited Carentan, where we found the site where we camped on our tour on the 50th anniversary - 10 years ago.
   June 6th - Security was very tight with roads closed everywhere, even the major roads, and police stopping traffic at every road junction. Fortunately we had special passes that allowed us though because we had a WW2 veteran with us. It was great to have a motorway just for ourselves! We travelled to Pointe du Hoc where our two Jeeps were the only wartime vehicles that were allowed into the area. The ceremony at Pointe du Hoc was attended by six of the veterans who attacked on D-Day, one of which was born in Wales and is still proud of his Welsh roots. After the ceremony ended we travelled a few miles to the very impressive American cemetery above Omaha Beach. As we were leaving the cemetery we were approached by a man  who was providing catering in one of the large tents set up in the car park who very kindly gave us all his surplus hot dogs, rolls and cookies which we distributed around the campsite when we returned.
   Other places we visited included "Hill 112" near Caen, a British cemetery at Tilly-s-Suelles and the town of Villers-Bocage. We also went one night to see a spectacular firework display at Port-en-Bessin. We also joined a convoy which travelled slowly around Bayeaux. A very good road run was organised by Peter Gray which went to the railway near Conde-s-Noireau, where we went on a train as far as the tunnels where the train used by Rommel used to stop safe from air attack. we then had an excellent lunch before the convoy left for Tinchebray where there was a tour of the town followed by a civic reception.
   The time we spent in Normandy flew by and we had hot sunny weather most of the time. The ferry crossing back to Portsmouth was as smooth as on the way out, after  all  the travelling to different places every day, driving a jeep all the way home was very tiring, now I could do with a holiday to recover.



   Now that the show season has just about come to an end I thought that I had better put pen to paper and prepare an area report, as I have had some flack in the past regarding the lack of input from our area. Believe it or not, I have sent in reports on two occasions this year, neither of which were printed, I may have missed the deadline or they may have gone missing.
   What I decided to do is to start at the beginning of the year and recap on our "goings-on".
   Our faithful regular members have been keeping our area meetings going and I am very greatfull for their attendance, but due to the "slow period" of the winter we hold our meetings every other month as from October, as you should be well aware by now, there being no meetings in November, January and March. I must mention that the proposer to the changes did turn-up on one of these months (sorry Terry).
   Our Xmas Dinner, which has become an expected event, was once again a great success with numbers being improved as spouses/partners were cordially invited to join in our festivities and everyone enjoyed themselves. Regarding the Xmas dinner, by the time you read this article we will be less than four weeks from the next one, which will be held on Tuesday 9th December. Those members who wish to take part in our festive activities and have not told me please let me know the number of places you require so that I may book accordingly, pick up the phone now!!.
   The first meeting of 2003 was our area A.G.M in February, the numbers present were a little disappointing, which our chairman Terry Peters commented on in his annual report, our treasurer Dave Kingdom once again did a good job of his report which showed our accounts in a healthy position. Regarding "Election of Officers", I did not receive any formal nominations, although every area member had received a nomination form through the post. There were no volunteers from the meeting for any of the offices, so Gareth Hoare proposed re-election of the current officers, the motion was eagerly carried. The officers re-elected for 2003 being:-
Chairperson Terry peters
Secretary - Ernie Williams
Treasurer - Dave Kingdom
Assistant Secretary/
Fund Raiser - Gareth Williams
   We have caught-up with "Information Technology", as our Assistant Secretary – Gareth, has created a website for our area which he is running very efficiently (we knew we would find work for him) we have had many compliments on its content, some as far afield as the U.S.A. Gareth has included a "calendar of events" for the show season, which is of particular interest to our area members, and updates it on a regular basis. We also have a "sales and wants" section by popular request. Keep up the good work Gareth. Our website address is:-
   Our next monthly meeting was in April, there was not a lot to report on as we were just coming out of the quiet winter period. The good news was that two new potential M.V.T. members had entered the world – Phil Barrow had another son in February, No 3, and I had my second grandson the same month.
   By the time of our May meeting things had started to liven-up with members having attended several shows. The big event at the start of the show season in our area was at Swansea Singleton Park where many of our members attended and put on a good display of military vehicles. A couple of us, Terry and myself attended the Cobaton show, arranged by Preston Isaac and the Devon Area, we were made very welcome and was able to sample Garry Anstee’s cooking from his famous WW1 portable military stove. Gary persuaded us to attend the Buckfastliegh show later on in the year.
   When at the Cobaton Combat Museum we were able to witness the ceremony of unveiling of a plaque by Hon. Mrs Rowcliffe, daughter of Field Marshall the Viscount Slim, Commanding Officer during the Burma Campaign. The plaque was dedicated to the men and women of that campaign, also in attendance were members of the Burma Star Association.
   At our June meeting our chairman Terry gave a very interesting report on his visit to a fellow enthusiast in Oklahoma, U.S.A. Whilst there he met several other enthusiasts and ended-up putting their jeep to rights, he had an enjoyable time and was well received.
   I dont know if any one from our area attended Overlord 2003 at Horndean, Terry and I were there last year but as stated above Terry was in the U.S.A. and we normally travel to shows together. As I did not attend "Overlord" I went local to the Abergavenny Steam and Vintage Rally which turned out to be a very good event.
   June, of course, is a very good month for shows, the Lister Tyndale Rally at North Nibley is always one of the favourites for South Wales members, there is always a good selection of military vehicles, a good auto-jumble, stalls to suit the womenfolk, and good camping facilities, except when you tow a caravan under the branches of low trees (oops, our chairman can fill you in with the details).
   Several of us went on a road run from Swansea to Laugharne (of Dylan Thomas fame) as part of the Swansea Festival of Transport, there were many shining vintage cars and us with our "green machines", a very enjoyable time was had by all. The Festival of Transport show on the Sunday was not very good and it did not help when our military vehicles were given an out of the way location.
   The South Wales area had quite a good turnout at Kemble Airfield M.V. Show, which was a first class event at a first class venue. We must thank the committee for all the hard work put in organising this event.
   Having being invited by the Devon members to attend the Buckfastleigh show, three of us, Terry, Barry Smith and myself with our spouses took-up the invitation and we were very glad that we did, we were very well received and had a marvellous time. We once again were able to sample Gary Anstee’s cooking and we thank him and his team for their efforts. We enjoyed a visit to Totnes on the steam train, and the road run on to Dartmoor was outstanding, how some of the vehicles managed to clime up the hills is a miracle, (I did not realise that there were hills in England as well as Wales).
   After Buckfastleigh my attendance to the weekend shows was very limited due to illness in the family, but the reports kept rolling in at our monthly meetings.
  The reports I had on the Nostalgia Show at South Cerney Airfield were mixed, apparently the event was not as good as when held at Wroughton. Then there was the second show at Kemble run by the Stroud Vintage Club, the members that attended enjoyed the show. Unfortunately I missed the Yeovil Festival of Transport but Terry, my fellow nomad, attended and gave it a very good report, it was very well organised and Terry stated it was one of the best at Yeovil.
   A local show at Gnoll Park, Neath, was very small with not much to see, but at least it got some of our members together that are unable to travel to the distant shows. Another local show at Margam Country Park is always another favourite where we had a reasonable turnout of military vehicles in the magnificent setting of the park and castle grounds.
   Gareth Hoare reported on the Severn Valley Railway event, which was very well organised. He and other S.W. members had a thoroughly good time (Gareth will go anywhere for a free ride on a train – a Rhondda Valley boy!!). Dave Barnes said he enjoyed the show at Hay-on-Wye.
I did manage a short weekend at Stoneleigh with several other area members – the military section was quite good, but stalls seem to heave been lacking. The whole showground had been turned right around from the familiar location that we remembered year after year and the show had become smaller. Peter Slater once again had put in a lot of effort arranging the military section, which looked quite good in its new location.
   Apart from attending events in this country a big-issue in our monthly meetings was the Normandy Tour 2004, several of us have registered, just in the nick of time, as the demand was beyond all of our expectations. Those of us going are looking forward to it very much, but personally I am not that eager to drive my jeep from Port Talbot to Portsmouth/Southsea – a journey of some six hours – a hard ride to look forward to.
   Back on the local scene the last big event in South Wales was the Vintage and Classic car rally at Tredegar House, Newport, where there was a huge display of vehicles of all types. The military vehicle section was very well attended with several vehicles from "over the bridge". Unfortunately this was the last show after a run of some twenty four years, a great pity as all our members were always eager to attend.
   The last show prior to writing this report, which was attended by several of our members, was the Dean Forest Railway, "War on the Line" at Lydney, Glos. This was very well organised by the railway enthusiasts, and the mock battle carried out by the Military Re-enactment Society was very well executed. The weather was again very good to us, but Phil Barrow, with his two sons, spent a very cold night in his personal "Fridge" - his White M3A1. Paul Price and Joanne travelled to the show for the day in their jeep accompanied by Gareth and myself in our jeep. We enjoyed the event and will definity be back there again next year.
   As previously stated, and at the time of reading this report our ordinary monthly meeting will have ended. Our next get together will be our Xmas Dinner, see you all then.

          Ernie Williams

          Area Secretary


Windscreen Report Summer 2002

South Wales Area Report,

   Our area is still alive and kicking, unfortunately Charlie Lewis, our scribe for "Windscreen" entries, has been unable to attend meetings, as he has had to work away from home, thanks to Charlie for his past efforts.
   By the time this article is printed the season will be well under way, our first major show being at Singleton Park, Swansea on May Day where we always have a good turnout of M.V’s.
   Over the winter period we have had a fairly quiet time but our "old-faithfulls" turn up regularly for monthly meetings, and we have had three new members join us in the early part of 2002.
   We had a good "get-together" for our Christmas dinner in December where everyone enjoyed themselves.
   Our area AGM took place in January where the following were elected:
          Chairperson – Terry Peters
          Secretary – Ernie Williams
          Treasure – David Kingdom
          Assistant Secretary – Gareth Williams
   After discussion it was decided that the position of Events Co-ordinator be incorporated with that of the Secretary’s role, and the position of Fund Raiser incorporated with Assistant Secretary.
   Due to the winter period being uneventful the following motion was put forward by Terry Peters:
   "That the regular club meetings currently held at one month intervals, be amended to two month intervals between October and February each year. Meetings in the period between April and September to be held each month as at present. The dates to remain as at present i.e. the second Tuesday of the relevant month. The membership would maintain the right to override the proposed arrangement in the event of there being sufficient need or special occasion".
   After consideration by the meeting the proposal was seconded with slight amendments to fit into the year. The final programme agreed by the meeting being: Meetings to be held in the months of February (AGM), April, May, June, July, August, September, October, December (Xmas Dinner).
The above changes to take place as from October 2002.
   We have now caught up with Information Technology, our assistant secretary – Gareth, has created a website for our area, the address being: - One of the useful items of information on the website is a calendar of weekend events, which is updated as show dates become known.
   I am pleased that our area was successful in our bid for funds from "Head-Office". The intended use being to purchase a new banner and fund the running of our website.
   After last year’s disruption to the shows due to the foot and mouth epidemic we are all looking forward to a good season of events.
          Ernie Williams



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